A unique mission

Medunik Canada is dedicated to providing Canadians suffering from rare diseases with access to orphan drugs that are not currently available in Canada. We make these treatment options available by building strategic partnerships with international companies to bring their products to the Canadian market.

Through in-licensing partnerships, Medunik Canada offers turn-key operations and provides medical scientific liaisons, approval and market access processes and marketing for orphan disease treatments.


Medunik Canada is part of the Duchesnay group of pharmaceutical companies headquartered in Blainville, Quebec. Medunik Canada was launched in 2009 to bring orphan drugs to Canadians with rare diseases.

Today, Medunik Canada brings orphan drugs to the Canadian market to provide Canadians with rare diseases with the life-changing and potentially life-saving treatment options they deserve.

Resources and Competencies

Medunik Canada has the financial, human and scientific resources necessary to fulfil its mission of making orphan drugs available in Canada for Canadians with rare diseases.

  • Medunik has the means
    • Solid and independent financial backing
    • Extensive network of relationships and partnerships
  • Medunik has the knowledge, skills and experience
    • Success in specialty markets
    • Proven partnering abilities
    • Unique educational programs
  • Medunik has the motivation
    • History of pioneering and innovation 
    • Dedicated to scientific excellence and discovery 
    • Patient-oriented

Message from our management

"Patients in Canada living with rare diseases don’t always have access to the orphan therapies available in other countries. When a disease is so rare, developing and marketing a medication to treat it can simply be too long and expensive a process for most drug companies to undertake. But Medunik Canada believes that patients suffering rare diseases are no less deserving of effective treatment options than those suffering from more common conditions. That’s why Medunik Canada has made it our mission to bring orphan drugs to Canada. We form strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide that enable us to bring orphan drugs to Canada market and ensure that Canadians living with rare diseases have access to the most effective treatments available anywhere."

- Éric Gervais, President, Medunik Canada