Executive Vice-President Éric Gervais introduces Medunik Canada at the Spring 2010 meeting of the NORD Corporate Council

On the occasion of the Spring 2010 meeting of the NORD Corporate Council held in Washington, DC, Éric Gervais, Medunik Canada's Executive Vice-President, delivered a speech before senior executives from more than 70 leading companies and organizations. He stressed that the creation of the new company Medunik Canada, represents the culmination of over 10 years of participation as a NORD Corporate Council member.

Commending NORD's management for being instrumental in the development and enactment of the 1983 US Orphan Drug Act and other related laws and regulations, Éric Gervais explained that the US national orphan disease strategy helps stimulating the development of drugs for rare diseases and makes treatments more accessible to people with rare disorders. Unfortunately, Canada lags far behind United Sates and other countries in that regards, and this explains the gap of approved orphan therapies between US and Canada.

Medunik Canada is actively looking at developing strong partnerships with other pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies across global boarders to bring to Canada and distribute currently unavailable orphan drugs. As a parent company of a well-established 55 employee family-owned business specialized in the development and distribution of drugs for medical conditions that have a small market, Medunik Canada has access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of Canadian regulatory affairs, including Special Access to Drugs and Health Products Programme, market access, patent issues, medical affairs, marketing and distribution. Medunik Canada is strongly committed and ready to assume the financial risk associated to its mission by providing Canadian-based turn-key operations, including the approval process and commercialization of orphan drugs currently unavailable in Canada.

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