Medunik Canada: A Team Strongly Committed to Bringing Novel Orphan Drugs to Canadians with Rare Diseases

A Strategic Turnkey Partnership Opportunity for International Pharmaceuticals

Blainville (Canada) – February 28, 2011. Éric Gervais, Executive Vice-President of Medunik Canada, is proud to announce the Management Team of this recently created company. Medunik Canada is a Québec pharmaceutical company with 60 employees and one unique mission - bring novel orphan drugs to Canadians with rare diseases. To this end, the Company is actively working at offering strategic partnerships to international orphan drug companies that contemplate to introduce their orphan drugs on the Canadian market.

Medunik Canada's Executive Vice-President said: "We are proud to have a team whose commitment and excellence have allowed to build on our success. Moreover, the Medunik Canada team has a proven record of commercializing specialized small-market size products for underserved populations with specific medical needs. Medunik Canada's team members are individually and collectively committed to dedicate their experience and expertise to bringing currently unavailable orphan drugs to Canadian with rare diseases."

Medunik Canada's Executive Vice-President, explained the company's business approach: "Through in-licensing partnership, Medunik Canada is bridging the gap by providing turn-key operations - ranging from regulatory approval strategy to post-approval activities - to assure the commercial success of the partners' novel orphan treatments. Our long-standing success in specialty markets, coupled with our solid and independent financial backing, our infrastructure and our team's dedication to medically unique populations makes Medunik Canada a strategic fit for our partners with a global orphan drug strategy."
Medunik Canada's team benefits from the collaboration of an Advisory Committee composed of Abbey S. Meyers, founder and Past President of the US National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), Marlene E. Haffner, M.D., M.P.H., former FDA's Director of Orphan Product Development and Jean F. Campbell, Former Vice-President, Membership Development at NORD.

Medunik Canada's Executive Vice-President Éric Gervais was recently featured in the thirty-ninth edition of the Zillion Business Review. The Zillion Business Review is written for and about internationally oriented businesses.

About Medunik Canada

Medunik Canada was created in early 2010 with the mission to bring novel orphan treatments to Canadian people with rare diseases. Medunik Canada is a natural complement to its sister company Duchesnay Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company providing safe and effective treatment options to pregnant women, who represent a small-size population with special health needs. Both Medunik Canada and Duchesnay are part of Le Groupe Pharmaceutique Boivin, a Canadian family-owned organization based in the greater Montréal area since 1955.


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