Medunik Canada is pleased to announce the launch of NORD Founder Abbey Meyers’ memoir, “Orphan Drugs: A Global Crusade”

BLAINVILLE, QC (Canada) – February 16, 2016 – Medunik Canada, a Canadian pharmaceutical company specialized in orphan drugs, is pleased to announce the launch of Orphan Drugs: A Global Crusade, the memoir of Abbey Meyers, founder and past President of the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD). In anticipation of Rare Disease Day on February 29th, Medunik Canada would like to bring to light the hard work and commitment of orphan drug crusaders, like Ms. Meyers.

This book of Ms. Meyers’ memoirs is her effort to document the issues that led to enactment of the “Orphan Drug Act of 1983” in the United States. The struggle of patient organizations, medical researchers and the American public stood as a model for the rest of the rare disease world. Eventually many industrialized countries enacted their own orphan drug laws which spurred extraordinary scientific and industrial progress that resulted in new treatments and cures for millions of rare disease patients throughout the world.

Ms. Meyers stated that, “One day, I wish everyone dealing with the pain and misery of the 7,000 rare disorders will have access to a treatment that will alleviate their symptoms. The reason I wrote this book was to show that individuals did not have the political power to solve this problem, but working together rare disease patients represent millions of people who can be a formidable political force. And the accomplishments of patient led charities in the USA served as a model for the rest of the industrialized world.  Together we became the “Global Crusade” for people with rare disorders.”

Medunik Canada's unique mission to make orphan drugs available to patients living with rare diseases through strategic alliances with international companies, is an interest we share with Ms. Meyers. We are pleased to support in the launch of Ms. Meyers’ memoirs.

“Abbey Meyers has inspired change and made an immense impact on the availability of orphan drugs around the world,” said Éric Gervais, Executive Vice-President of Medunik Canada. “For the people suffering from rare diseases, bringing these drugs to the market makes a huge difference, not only in the quality of life, but in life or death. Abbey’s memoirs elegantly walks readers through her fight to invoke change in this underserved space.”

For more information on Orphan Drugs: A Global Crusade, Abbey Meyers and to download the book in its entirety please visit:  Alternatively, a paperback version of the book can be ordered from

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