Improving the health and quality
of life of Canadians with rare diseases

Through its strategic partnerships, Médunik Canada develops and provides Canadians suffering from rare diseases with access to orphan drugs that are not currently available in Canada.

We believe that patients suffering from rare diseases are no less deserving of effective treatment options than those suffering from more common conditions.

Leveraging our Quebec-based state-of-the-art production facilities to produce high quality products, we reinvest in research and new drug development to loop the life cycle of drug production, resulting in our portfolio expansion for the benefit of Canadians living with rare diseases, thus positively impacting the Canadian healthcare landscape, while striving to enhance the independence of our logistics and Canadian manufacturing to contribute to the sustainability of the national economy.


What is a rare disease?

A rare disease is a life-threatening, seriously debilitating or serious and chronic condition affecting a fairly small number of patients. Some approximate 1 out of 12 Canadians has a rare disease, that represents roughly 3 million Canadians.


What is an orphan drug?

A medication or other medicinal product used to treat a rare disease or disorder.


Our Products

We made it our mission to bring orphan drugs to Canada and ensure that Canadians living with rare diseases have access to the most effective treatments available anywhere.

A highly professional and stimulating work environment

At Médunik Canada we care about the wellbeing of our talents and offer work-life balance along with many opportunities to develop new professional and personal skills.


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